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threshold Ramps 1:8




  • Free onsite design, measure & quote
  • Available in 3 different materials: Rubber, Timber and Aluminium
  • A maximum rise of 35mm
  • A maximum length of 280mm
  • A maximum gradient of 1:8
  • 1:8 Ramps do not require Kerbing
  • 1:8 Ramps can be installed with wings where required
  • MAM will always ensures our wedges are 100 - 200mm wider than the doorway on either side for client safety
  • Non slip finishes available
  • It must be considered whether or not the proposed Wedge Ramp creates a Trip Hazard on a continuous path of travel.
  • Note: Rubber Finished size could be 3mm + or -

The Australian standards 1428.1-2009 were designed to apply to the commercial/public setting & not required for private/domestic dwellings.


Rubber Ramp 1.8

Color Options: 

Timber Wedge 1.8

Color Options: 

Aluminium Wedge Wedge 1.8

Color Options: 

Product Code Colour Description
MCA-12WR Silver 12.5mm(h) x 100mm(d) x 1,000mm(w)
MCA-19WR Silver 19mm(h) x 150mm(d) x 1,000mm(w)


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