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Stove Timers


Timer Systems

The stove timer is a safety product to protect the elderly and assure their independence. The device can be easily installed by a qualified tradesman. After pressing the switch, the timer is activated, and it automatically turns the stove off after the set time. An optional key operated on/off bypass switch can be installed to override the timer to allow for the stove to be used for a longer period. This product is suitable for people who are unable to reliably turn the gas off.

Gas Isolation

The gas isolation system is suitable for use on both gas stoves and ovens. The system isolates the gas supply to the gas cooktop or upright gas cooker using a key.


The installation needs to be carried out by a certified electrician and/or plumber.

[Please note: We provide supply + install service in Melbourne. We do not sell the kits and parts in Victoria.]


Timer Systems
Gas Isolation
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